VM1102IS TWS F-Sensor

Based on the technical strength of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, core technology has developed a new generation of flexible pressure sensor, which is different from the existing resistance, capacitance and piezoelectric sensors. It is a new type (the fourth type) of sensing mechanism - Interface off electronic tactile sensing technology, i.e. off electronic sensor Sensors) vm1102is, this technology adopts a new principle of pressure sensing, not through the deformation of the membrane to obtain external excitation, but through the deformation of the ionic material layer and flexible conductive material surface contact area change to sense the external pressure.
Due to the existence of a large number of conductive ions in the ionic materials, when the electrolyte contacts with the electrode, its interface will automatically form a double electric layer interface capacitance (EDL) with the property of super capacitance. This kind of double-layer capacitor is a kind of Amy level structure formed by the relative arrangement of ions and electrons. Its unit area capacitance is more than 10000 times of the traditional parallel plate capacitance. The sensitivity of the technology is as high as 1.58 μ f / kPa, and it is suitable for the pressure / pressure measurement of various geometric surfaces. At the same time, it can highly simulate the characteristics and indicators of human skin touch.
Because of the super high capacitance per unit area on the double electric layer, the sensor not only achieves super high sensitivity, but also has strong anti-interference ability to human body and environment capacitance noise. From the extremely simple structure design of this technology, the whole sensor can be manufactured by low-cost and rapid processing of polymer materials with excellent mechanical properties and optical transparency. On this basis, through the further improvement of flexible materials and interface processing technology, the world's first ultracapacitor thin film pressure sensor is designed and manufactured. Its sensitivity is more than 1000 times higher than the existing solid-state pressure sensor, and it is the pressure sensor with the highest sensitivity and the strongest anti noise performance in the world so far.
At the same time, such a flexible pressure sensor with a thickness of only 100 microns has an optical transparency of more than 90%, and its response time is controlled at the sub millisecond level, which is one order of magnitude faster than the traditional flexible solid-state sensor of the same kind.
In many aspects, the force sensor with micro focus is unique. Its measurement principle and technology are ahead of all existing pressure measurement technologies

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