Shenzhen VCOM Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2018. With years of collaborative research and development experience with semiconductor industry chains, renowned domestic and foreign research institutes, etc., it has established a complete market sales system for scheme design, market sales, technical support, and product landing.
1. The direction of the lamp bead is mainly driven by the lamp bead, giving each lamp bead identity information;
2. The tag of objects is mainly based on Air Tag, which is certified by Apple IOS's Find My and Google Android's positioning information to achieve global positioning;

The company has over ten years of industry technology research and development experience, with a group of experienced engineering research and development personnel and highly professional and high-level sales and service personnel. It has served hundreds of well-known brand enterprises both domestically and internationally, and has achieved good reputation. Microcore focuses on perceiving the real world and becoming a leading data processing service provider in the era of big data. Its mission is to serve the real world and create a wonderful world.

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