Touch and in ear two in one single chip obtained national patent

Single touch and in ear detection two in one single chip, all series of national patents

Vm6320n is a new generation of special detection sensor chip for in ear detection. It uses the latest generation of charge detection technology to expand outwards in the form of surface ripple pulse, and uses the change of charge level generated by headphones to judge the state of in ear;
The chip has built-in voltage stabilizing circuit to provide stable voltage to the internal detection circuit. It can be widely used in TWS (true wireless stereo) earphones, neck mounted earphones, headphones and other types of smart earphones. It cooperates with mobile phones to control music playing, telephone ringing and other applications, so as to reduce the power consumption of headphones, extend the endurance time, and bring consumers more intelligent and convenient human-computer interaction and smooth listening experience.


U working voltage 2.4V ~ 5.5V ;

U built in voltage stabilizing circuit for in ear detection and induction circuit;

U working current @ VDD = 3V, no load;

U typical value in standby mode 7.6uA ;

U the maximum response time is 130ms @ VDD = 3V from the start of standby mode;

U use the external capacitance (1 ~ 50pF) of each touchpad to adjust the sensitivity;

U output mode is fixed as direct synchronous mode and low level output effective mode;

U provides a maximum output time of 16 seconds

U about after power on zero point five Seconds of stable time. Do not touch the touch pad during this period. At this time, all functions are disabled

U auto calibration function

U refresh the reference value every 1 second in 8 seconds after power on. If there is a touch key within 8 seconds after power on or there is no touch key after 8 seconds, refresh the reference value every 4 seconds

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